Yay, the 2020 season is here....almost!

Hello chaps, I hope you have all had a refreshing winter break and hopefully remain Covid-19 free!

Spring is almost upon us, the trees are budding, the grass is shooting up and I for one am looking forward to a spectacular season of golf. We have had something of a shake-up of the committee over the winter and those of you who were at the AGM will already know that we are now moving in line with other golf clubs by electing a Captain annually and this year I have been honoured with taking up the baton from Roger for this season. Alan Dennis has unfortunately left the society this year due to time pressures eleswhere (but I'm sure that's not the last we will see of him!) and is replaced by Paul, who is already up to speed and doing a sterling job. Graham Cliffe has also had to retire his clubs due to health reasons and Arthur has agreed to be our new money man, already  making in-roads by dumping the useless Natwest as the societys bank and replacing them with HSBC, an all-round better deal for us. Finally, Jim has taken on the role of event organiser and has come up with a cracking  tour of the North West, which is set out on the Fixtures page and promises to be a real test this year; well done Jim! Jim has also organised our annual away tour in North Wales; I think most of you have already responded to Jim, but if not, and you would like to join us, then please contact Jim direct to see if he can fit you in.

Can I take this opportunity to thank Roger, Alan and Graham for their effort and committment to the society over many years; it is thanks to their efforts, and the efforts of all the committee members past and present that the society continues to flourish year after year.

Our first outing is the warm up game at West Derby on the 3 April. The cost is £31 and includes a soup and sandwich lunch before we go out; Paul will send the details out a week or so before the date. Finally, there will be a £5 supplement at each game this year, apart from the warm-up event, to top-up the societies coffers, this will be reviewed at next years AGM.

Happy Golfing! 

The committee are pleased that members have taken on board some of the recommendations set out in the R&A Pace of Play Manuals, will all members please take a look at the Ready Golf note here.

  • Rob Monaghan - March 2020

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