How the Society was "Born" - Narrated by Chris Noble

In the years 1983/84/85 a number of staff (About 8 of us) of English Estates - Liverpool Office - used to get together on 2 or 3 occasions a year for a game of golf, followed by a pint. We tended to visit Leasowe Golf Club and the Wirral Municipal Courses.In 1986 English Estates was celebrating 50 years, and I was able to persuade the Regional Manager that we should have a series of 3 golf days with the tenants of our properties. The format was to have 10 teams of 4 and in each team we would have a member of staff. There would be prizes for the best teams and these were presented by the Captain of the club we were visiting at a dinner in the evening.

The events were a great success and for those who may remember them we played at Heswall, Ormskirk and Shaw Hill. We continued with the events, on a reduced basis in 1987 and 1988.With all this hidden golf talent emerging, the Society took shape and flourished, and it was not very long before the six venues a year and a system for establishing a champion followed. Membership was not restricted to English Estates staff, former members continued to take part and we also had friends and contractors joining in and were having regular turnouts of 15+.

In 1994, English Estates changed its name to English Partnerships and the Society name changed as well. As we had become well established with a number of golf clubs, it was decided that to avoid confusion when English Partnerships was subsumed into the NorthWest Development Agency in 1999, that we retain the name of English Partnerships Golf Society. This may help members to understand how and why the name came about.

To some of the 'lifers' amongst us perhaps the following sample of names will bring back some happy memories of less stuffy times:- Bill Locke, Pat Nacey, Paul Catherall, Mike Wright, Colin Taylor, Andrew Richardson, Allan Willcock, Tim Dickinson, Keith Foulkes, Stuart Pilling.

Just for the record not being content with organising/running company golf days,plus a society, I was daft enough to start 3 day events in Scotland in June of each year starting in 1998 which is still going strong and is well supported, I am normally able to get a good deal on accommodation and green fees and anyone is welcome to join in.

Chris Noble - February 2006